Stretching lines


Work in progress.

Monolithic elements are situated in a carpet of lush green.. recreating the emotion of the original landscape.

Strong lines in contrast with feather light flora  :  Copyright © Andrew van Egmond

Green constructor:

Kroeze landscapers Beesd


Architect paviljion and interior main dwelling:

De Brouwer Binnenwerk


Andrew van Egmond



Long lines as a conncetion between the human scale of the dwelling and the bigger scale of the landschape  |  Copyright © Andrew van Egmond

One diagonal line redefines this space, disconnecting the garden composition from its suburban fabric and steering toward its natural surroundings.

Planting pallet connects to the wider landscape and regional ecosystem. Pines, mixed grasses and Birches define the main atmosphere, giving the yard its sense of place.

The pavilion is positioned lower in the yard so its not to dominant. By doing this the space not filled up and the visuals connection with the surrounding green is guaranteed. 

The zone of gravel framed by the floating concrete edges is the modern translation from a pool. A pool without the water but defining the space and creating the canvas for the pavilion. Materials used in the pavilion make a reference to the historical architecture of this region. Black stained wooden planks, used in old sheep shelters are brought back in a contemporary way.

To be continued