Going wilder ...

During Andrew's 20 years in the profession, his attraction to a more naturalistic style of Garden & Landscape architecture has grown steadily and is still evolving.

Going wilder is a theme Andrew is more and more interested in. 

Going wilder or re-wilding tackles several challenges we face in these urgent times of climate change.

At the same time, it can enrich our experience of the natural world directly around us and re-establish our relationship with nature.

What started as a fascination for the romantic narrative of lush, local-based flora in contrast with modernistic architecture has developed into an ever-growing awareness of our interconnectedness with the natural world.

Moving forward, understanding the underlying landscape and setting the stage for nature to take over...

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Anticipating the landscape

Winner of the LILA awards 2020.


A wilder rose garden


Together with

Studio Mars ( Donald Marskamp )


Together with Studio BLAD


Nederheem  .  A park garden.



Together with Studio Prototype.


Metis garden festival

Together with Studio BLAD.


Emotional landscapes

Small and big scale


Small selection of work generated for
different projects and design research in collaboration with different parties.

South Lands, Vancouver

Together with Alexander Juvajac 

De coullissen The Netherlands


With Studio BLAD.


A project of Blauwhoed Developers Rotterdam.


Picture by Nancy Angermeyer

Andrew works in Canada and The Netherlands, where he is well known for his subtle and minimalistic design approach.

Andrew is always curious about new concepts in garden and landscape architecture. 

He works to strengthen the sense of place by connecting with the underlying landscape. Andrew believes every place tells the story of the landscape it belongs to. For example, a garden's connection with its natural surroundings is a given, which can be enhanced through a well-balanced composition of lines and surfaces, together with a sensitive selection of plant communities. 

Andrew’s garden designs explore the contrast between the natural landscape and architecture, striving for a balance between the spontaneous expression of nature and minimalist architectural interventions. His intention is to allow the natural, intuitive beauty of the landscape to express itself and to enhance the connection with its surroundings by framing nature in a humble and minimalistic way.

Inquiries about Andrew's design philosophy and approach to your property or development can be made by contacting him.

Prefrace for Building Special magazine NL&BE | September 2023

How can we choose an observational approach instead of a controlling approach? About learning from ancient cultures and about landscape architecture as a starting point.

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FOLKLIFE magazine CA | Volume 7, 2023

Article about our dwelling on Sarturna Island

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Scape #18 | International magazine for landscape architecture urbanisme

Dec 2022

Open spread

ELLE decoration NL | Isue 3, 2021

Article about a the project: Anticipating the landscape

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Modern Home Magazine  |  Volume 4, 2021

Article about a project in Uplandfs Victoria Canada BC

Together with Josh Harvey Design

Aspect Engineers

Kris Ageland

& MDRN Built

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Part of Jury of the Lila Awards 2021

LILA – Landezine International Landscape Award

Winner of Lila Awards  2020

Ex Aequo Winner in Gardens category

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Dutch television  |  October 2019

Tour studio - garden in The Netherlands.

Telling about the garden's strong connection with the surrounding

landscape & letting go, trusting natural processes

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Home & Garden | April 2017

Connecting the landscape, An article about my own allotment garden in Wassnaar (The Netherlands) in a Dutch garden magazine Home&Garden

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De Tuin in vier seizoenen | September 2016

Article about a forest garden in Laren

Being like a guest in the landscape

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Home & Garden | September 2016

Article about the studiogarden in Amsterdam

Drieklomp Exclusive Living magazine | Spring 2015 

An article about the relevance of garden architecture

De Tuin in vier seizoenen | December 2014

Article about a big villa garden in Noord-Holland, the Neteherlands


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LandscapeMe "magazine in the Middle East" | January 2013

Article aboiut a garden in Delft, adjacent to the typical Netherland landscape


Chic Gardens Concept | September-October 2012

Patio Garden in the spotlight

ELLE garden | april 2009

A report about two garden in the trending magazine ELLE

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Picture by Nancy Angermeyer

Andrew works both in Canada and The Netherlands.

His studio in Canada is located on Saturna Island, a Southern Gulf Island between Vancouver and Victoria.

He regularly visits The Netherlands for work in progress, new projects and inspiration. 

His focus is both local and international.

For general inquiries, collaboration, and information, please get in touch with him at:





CA: +1 - 236 986 6083

NL: +31 - (0)6 121 68 505

For media and publicity, please contact:


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GST number: 792-422-537 RT0001  


Chamber of Commerce: 28.117.687

VAT #: NL 1843.76.865.B01