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Andrew van Egmond

Designing garden and landscape

Garden in Schoorl  |  The Netherlands

Anticipating the landscape

Winner of the LILA awards 2020


Field emotion


Perennial grasses create the emotion of spontaneity in combination with a classic house, a contemporary composition of long lines, and well detailed design features.

Trunk cathedral


A long line of minimalistic gestures emphasises the ornamental and impressive composition of tree trunks

Development: Buitenvoorde


With Studio BLAD


A project of Blauehoed Developers Rotterdam


In progress. Finished end 2019

Longing for horizon


This garden is located right next to a natural reserve called Midden-Delfland (Central Delfland).

An collection of ornamental grasses connects the vegetation of the minimalist garden with the fields surounding the garden

Dune garden

A garden in tune with the wild characteristics of the Dutch dunes.

This garden has no visual borders and seams to expand into the rolling sand hills of this typical Dutch landscape.

Senior living

This garden is located in the centre of a residential complex for elderly people with dementia. The ground floor of this beautiful building, designed by LEVS architects, acts as a multifunctional layer where various care and day care functions are housed.

The long floating lines...


The play of vertical gestures of the trunks are the basis for the design. In this design the perspective is steered towards a group of long vertical trunks of Larches.

Classical feel


In progress. Finished end summer 2018


Together with Studio Prototype


Amsterdam dike garden


The garden is located on the Buiksloterdijk. An old dike and building ribbon with characteristic historic houses.


Together with Studio BLAD



A project by Aurelio Development Amsterdam

Cabin in the fields

Garden and small pavilion behind the Dunes in The Netherlands

Studio garden Amsterdam

Approaching it as a different world with bright color and blooming contrast.

Patio garden


The patio has an atmosphere that rouses the senses. The water falling down along that glass mosaic object, the lush greenery and the harmonious alignment of materials work together to turn this space into a little oasis in the urban noise.

Emotional landscapes

Small and big scale


Small selection of work generated for different

projects and design research.


Under the label of Andrew van Egmond,

Studio BLAD and AENF-visuals.

www.aenf-visuals.com  +  www.studio-blad.com

Polder caracteristics

A garden in a urban area. Villages grown together in an area where there used to be polders.

The polders are the basis for the design. Bringing back a bit of the original emotion of the place.

Meadows at the foot of the Dutch Dunes


This garden in Wassenaar has  two faces. in the back the garden seamlessly connects with the bordering meadows. The front the garden is linked to the nearby edge of the Dutch dunes.

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