From Forest Edge to Coastal Bluff


Saturna Island, Canada  BC

This project is in development. First stages are realised and maturing.

Both the site and the architecture are stunning. The location is unique and represents a transition between forest edge meadow and costal rocky shore line, all situated in a Garry Oak ecosystem.

The composition of the architecture is embracing a visual narrative where the perception on the shore and the sea is narrowed and opened up again while you enter the dwelling.

3 transitions in the landscape 

From forest to meadow to bluff. 

Reclaiming the property- setting the stage. 

Creating privacy from the road and from neighbouring properties and make the full property part of the garden / landscape experience. 

Stone surfaces - wood structures 

identity in material emerging from the underlaying landscape. 

Architect Dwelling:

Peter Cardew Architects


Andrew van Egmond

To be continued