Emotional landscapes  |  Small and big scale landscape architecture


Slechts een kleine selectie van afbeeldingen gegenereerd voor verschillende projecten en ontwerponderzoek.

Under the label of Andrew van Egmond, Studio BLAD and AENF-visuals.

Zie ook AENF visuals: www.aenf-visuals.com

En Studio BLAD: www.studio-blad.com


Andrew van Egmond was one of the co-founder of AENF and was part of Studio BLAD

visual by Andrew van Egmond

Searching for "The one" emotion that captures the polder landscape surrounding 'Kinderdijk' in The Netherlands

Visual for competition of the entrance pavilion of 'Kinderdijk'

A tourist hot-spot in The Netherland

Design for pavilion by

Nuy & Van Noort

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190312 DEFRENDER1_AvE2_filter-desaturate
190314 DEFRENDER2_AvEb_filter-non
024_L301_BLAD_trees in paving_Izmir

Visualizing new development in Amsterdam.

By Rijnbout Architects

Proposal Bosrijk Eindhoven.

Together with

Maarten van Kesteren

and Studio Prototype. 

visual by Andrew van Egmond

Two visuals concerning a planting study

for instant borders.

Together with the whole sale company ' Urban Trees '

visual by Andrew van Egmond

One of a series of visuals for development study in a bigger city of The Netherlands

visual by AENF visuals
visual by Andrew van Egmond

Visual for competition in Finland.

Public space as an entrance of the Alver Alto Museum

visual by Andrew van Egmond

Visual for competition on a WW1 memorial site in Washington DC together with Studio MARS



Visualizing the claustrophobic experience of being in trenches in the middle of a desolate landscape.

Situated in a big circle that symbolizes the infinite struggle of soldiers in that endless war

Work title: The Clearing | Washington USA