Clasical feel

Classical feel

In progress. Finished end summer 2018

Architecture pavilions by Studio Prototype    |

garden desing by Andrew van Egmond | Studio desing by Studio Prototype
Beautiful the pavilion | metal works designed by Studio Prototype
Green tones | classical and contemporary atmosphere
Detailed fence and pavilion, together with green tones and surreal shapes blend into the park like setting of the neighbourhood and classical architecture


 Andrew van Egmond


Architect paviljions and fence 

Studio Prototype


Green constructor:

Kroeze landscapers


Privacy created by surreal shaped hedges of native Taxus
The right furniture creating a well balanced experience
Subtle floating wooden deck | well detailed and refined
Beautiful the pavilion | metal works designed by Studio Prototype
Fine detailing in heavy garden materials
Garden by Andrew van Egmond | pavilion by Studio Prototype
neutral materials and floating long lines creating contemporary garden architecture
Pavilion by Studio Prototype | garden by Andrew van Egmond | long lines creating an spacial experience between building that are close together
Function and materials strengthening the garden architecture
Long lines of concreet creating the display for the minimalistic and sensitive pavilion
Water bowl reflecting as meditative element in garden room

Surreal shaped hedges of native Taxus creating a coherent narrative connecting front garden and side garden with the main pavilion, thee room and fence together.

plan view garden Vught | Andrew van Egmond | classic garden

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